6 Responses to “RWA: Redefining Vanity Publishing”

  1. Gwen July 28, 2007 at 2:04 PM #

    Is this change a good change for Samhain and other similar publishers? I admit to zoning out after the third paragraph of legalese.

  2. Eva Gale July 28, 2007 at 2:07 PM #

    Wow. I don’t know how I feel about that.

    What is Samhain’s standing with RWA now in light of not being classified a vanity?

  3. Angie July 28, 2007 at 2:11 PM #

    Well, it was clear to me the first time around, that it wasn’t Samhain and the other bigger publishers that they were intending to label as such. To be honest, the language is a little fuzzy for me now, so it leaves a subjective feel to this. I’m not sure who they have in mind with this definition.

    For sure, this clarification is worlds better than the original, but it does make me wonder who they’re calling a vanity publisher 🙂

  4. Angie July 28, 2007 at 2:13 PM #

    What is Samhain’s standing with RWA now in light of not being classified a vanity?

    Even under the previous definition, it didn’t classify us as a vanity pub.

    Regardless, we are still ineligble for RWA national resources next year in San Francisco, because we are not an advance paying publisher.

    I did note that we’re still on the RWA website under their publisher markets (which they list now, instead of recognized publishers) so that’s positive.

  5. Jewell July 29, 2007 at 12:15 PM #

    This definition includes publishers who withhold or seek full or partial payment or reimbursement of publication or distribution costs before paying royalties, including payment of paper, printing, binding, production, sales or marketing costs.

    Okay, that bit confuses me some. (Not saying that the rest didn’t move forward and then backtrack with the whole “conference” exhibition thing. (Trade shows, conferences, pretty much the same thing.)

    I guess my problem with the first paragraph is the bit about withholding of partial payment of royalties, yada yada for certain things. It’s not fully fleshed out.

    Maybe I am dense, but as written, does this in any way affect the “Reserve against Returns” found in most every print publishing contract?

    I don’t think it does, but then again, someone could argue the point. And probably will.

  6. Ciar Cullen July 29, 2007 at 3:38 PM #

    It’s still muddled to me. I tried to ask on DearAuthor about this, but fans of the decision are swimming in a bigger pond and don’t seem to get my point (certainly because I’m not making it clear). RWA, while they have removed publisher recognition from the equation for authors to be “in” HAVE drawn a line between some types of publishers (royalty paying) and others. Whether you care to label that recognition or not, it’s a distinction, a separation based on criteria you may or may not agree with. In terms of protecting authors…well, I know one person who after her advance, paying for arcs, and getting slammed with returns didn’t end up making on one title more than I did on one of my ebooks. Someone mentioned earn-out, etc. There are other factors that might make more sense, or at least should be factored in. I feel that small presses are very good for some writers, either those who genre-bend, want flexibility, whatever. Small does not mean bad, and large does not mean good. I’m sure many “NY” writers could attest to this.

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