Okay, so at the public’s request (well Breezy asked anyway) I have to explain further about Oobi. See how he’s taking over my life? This isn’t helping me get that damn song out of my head.

Actually, it was Grandpoo that demanded further explanation. Upon further investigation, I’ve discovered that it’s actually GRAMPU. My bad. So silly of me to spell it phonetically.

Now, I think it should be quite obvious that Grampu is the grandfather of Oobi and Uma. And he is quite wise in teaching Oobi and Uma all about different things. Let me give you a sample conversation:

“Oobi! Dinner”

Enter Oobi.


“Yes. Dinner. Call Uma.”

“Uma! Dinner.”

Enter Uma.

“Umm…Grampu? Dinner?”

“Ahhh…dinner. Eat out.”

“Eat out? Yayyy!!”

“Eat out. Chinese.”


“Chinese good. You see.”

“Uma pretty. Uma dress. Uma purse.”

Exit Uma.

Now, before you think that I’m making this up, let me assure you, I am not. This is a sample conversation (all dredged up from memory) from an actual show. One I’ve seen several times as it’s available On Demand. And I know you’re all thinking, “your daughter is only three months old. She’s not old enough to demand a tv show. Why put yourself through this if you don’t have to? And what kind of bad mommy are you for letting a three month old watch tv anyhow?”

Well, see, it’s like this. I don’t usually have the tv on during the day except for an hour on the Noggin channel. We were trying to calm a screaming fit one day and inadvertantly discovered that Brianna is entranced by Sesame Street and Oobi. Lucky us 😉 And I’ve seen firsthand the results of a parent who tries TOO hard to keep their child away from tv (said child will now watch tv to the exclusion of everything else if it’s available. I believe he’ll end up the ultimate couch potato so he can catch up on all his lost years). So, Brianna and I watch the Noggin channel. And Oobi. And wise old Grampu… Hey! It’s better than watching Days of Our Lives, right? Although I do love Bo and Hope….

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