2005- Books read: 3

Yep, I’ve read a grand total of three books this month. Which is actually so impressive to me, I could just about wet myself. Actually, the total should be four, because I revisited Lover’s Talisman, but I figured I should really only be counting new books since they are “harder” to read. I think somehow I’d forgotten how much I love reading and what an absolute joy it is in my life. Doesn’t that sound funny? To forget something that’s been so fundamental in my life since…well, since I learned to read. But it’s like I’ve re-discovered this long lost friend by setting time aside to read every day. And I was wondering if I was insane to think that it’s hard to find time to read when I’m a SAHM, but in reality, it really is difficult to read when you have an infant who is only entertained by toys for 15 minutes at a time. Looks like naptime is a good time- but that’s the time I need to use to accomplish things like laundry and general cleaning (not to mention peeing and eating!) So, I continue to struggle to find that perfect time for reading, but I’m squeezing it in somehow! Do you think it would be wrong to read Janet Evanovich’s Metro Girl out loud to Brianna…

So, the first book on my checklist was Sherrilyn Kenyon’s:Seize The Night . What a fantastic book! I think she’s one of those authors that has managed to create a series that escapes too much repetitiveness and keeps a fresh twist on the stories. Something I believe is probably very hard to do. This book is Valerius’ story and it is one of her best, IMO. He’s a tortured hero, but not tortured to the point of the reader wanting to push him out the window. And the book does include alot of past characters. I think fans of The Dark Hunters are probably very happy with this book because we get to see alot of Acheron and Simi, which I know some people missed in some of the previous books. But I’m also wondering if some people will feel as though she’s wrapped things up TOO neatly. But, to me, that’s what romance and the HEA ending are all about. And there are still questions that remain about Acheron and now about Nick. Anyhow, I give this book a solid (A) rating!

Second, I read Nancy Bartholomew’s (I think her website is a bit of a big ol’ mess but I’m giving the link anyhow) Stella, Get your Gun, from the Silhouette Bombshell line. I have to admit, I picked this book up when it was released because I was a fan of Bartholomew’s “Strip” series. The best way to describe this book is that it was easy to put down when I needed to do something. Like change the baby’s diaper. I’m giving it a (C) because it was just average. The story was completely implausible and since it was a contemporary, not a paranormal, it gets bad marks for that. And while I know that Silhouette has said that this line won’t be ‘traditional’ romance, the author was clearly trying to attempt to set the stage for a developing romance between two of the characters, Stella (of course) and…Joe? I think that was his name (doesn’t say much that I can’t remember his name). But the book was just all over the place for me and while I did finish it, I was awfully tempted to move on. And now I’m in a quandry, because the second in the series, Stella, Get Your Man came out this month and I’m wondering if I need to give the series a second chance since I have liked her past books…

And today I finished Catherine Coulter’s latest hardcover (published in June- I’m a little behind in my reading), Blowout. I have to say that this book was more than a little disappointing to me. As always, I love Savich and Sherlock, and I love that she keeps them as continuing main characters in the books, but I find her ‘kind of secondary, but kind of main charactes’ of Ben and Callie to be almost obligatory. Like Coulter felt as though she couldn’t possibly write a book with just Savich and Sherlock, so she had to throw another romance in there. One that is not at all well developed or believable. How am I supposed to believe that a character (Callie) whose stepfather was murdered (which is the basis of the book) and is portrayed in one scene to be visibly upset, shocked and grieving- how am I supposed to believe that in the same week, this character is going to have the emotional togetherness to begin a relationship and fall in love with someone else. Does it really happen like that? But again, the time spent developing the relationship between Ben and Callie is cursory. And WTF was Coulter thinking when she threw in this side story of the ghost that “contacts” Savich? Is it really necessary to have a side story like this? I kept wondering WHY??? It added nothing to the main story, it took away from time that would have been better spent developing secondary (or main- I’m just not sure what they were) characters and their relationship. What exactly was the point of this side story? I don’t have words- it’s inexplicable (ha ha, I just wanted to use that word). But honestly, what’s the deal- is this foreshadowing for future books going towards an even more ‘supernatural’ bent than they’ve already taken with the Tammy/Timmy Tuttle storyline? And one more thing- I felt like she reached some sort of word quota and just suddenly decided, okay the book needs to end now. Mystery solved. Her closure kind of sucked and the wrap up wasn’t at all well explained. I won’t do spoilers but I was again left going WTF??

So, I guess all I can say is, if you haven’t read it, don’t run for it. It was a major disappointment- and a prime example of an author who seems to be confused about what she wants to do with her series and what direction she is going. Either that or she wants one thing, her publisher wants another and…well…never the twain shall meet. This book gets a (C) as well and I almost have to wonder if I’m being generous just because I love Savich and Sherlock.

So I’m off in search of a better book. I’m glad I re-newed my reading with Seize the Night or I might have never picked up another book. Well, that might be a slight exagerration but you get my point.

Currently reading: Janet Evanovich’s Metro Girl, The No-Cry-Sleep-Solution (hey, I’m a parent, this interests me!) and Ellie and The Elven King by Helen Rosburg – a fairy tale type illustrated adult children’s book LOL! and yes, I think I will read it to my daughter. She just cares about the pretty colors and my voice anyhow and besides, why not develop an interest in romance in my precious one now? She’ll be all the more of an interesting adult for being exposed to a variety of literature!

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