Gag Me With A…Finger?

Okay, so those of you who know my daughter, know she’s only 3 months old. So she really isn’t a bulimic but gosh darnit, the girl won’t stop gagging herself. She doesn’t understand cause and effect yet (I mean she IS only 3 months old) so she just can’t seem to figure out that sticking those yummy fingers that she sucks on all day too far down her throat will cause her to chock and gag.

I hear “ach..caa…caaa..blaaaaccctchh.”

So I lean over and pull her hand from her mouth.

30 seconds later; “acccc….ccccaaaaa…..blachhhhh”

Hand dutifully removed from mouth by patient mommy. Sweet, beautiful smile of gratitude delivered by precious daughter.

“bleeeeeeetccccckkkk…. acccc……. ooooooo…hee ;)”

She’s on her own.

And in case you think I’m making this all up, well, I have a picture-

Caught In The Act!!

Mutilation? I’m Not Stretching Her Lip Or Cutting Off…Parts…

I frequent an October 2004 Mommy’s board and the newest debate is about whether to get baby’s ears pierced. This is actually something I’ve been thinking about but just had no idea if Brianna was too young. Apparently not as moms have chimed in to say that they did previous daughters when they were 1 month to 3 months old. But then there are the people who said it’s “mutilation.” I don’t know. Mutilation seems like an awfully strong word. But I can understand the sentiment behind the word.

Some said that they’re going to wait until their daughter asks or until she’s anywhere from 2 to 7 to 10. Okay, if she’s 7, then she’s old enough to ask and know she wants it done- to make the decision for herself and I understand that reasoning. But I’m kind of of the mindset that if I’m going to do it when she’s 2, then I’m going to do it now, when she will be less traumatized by the experience. But then I remember the look on her face when she got her shots last month. That “Mommy, Whhyyyy???” look that was accompanied by a lot of tears (hers, not mine although it was a near thing.)Can I suffer through that look again, just for something that’s purely ornamental? Although, she’d look sooo pretty with little earrings…

One more thing to add to my, “I’m a bad mommy list.” Sigh.

And I Don’t Even Live In Arkansas!

I found out yesterday that I’m part of an incestuous community. I’d never thought of it in terms of that word before. But once it was said to me, it stuck (I’d credit the person who coined the term, but I think she’d prefer to remain anonymous!)

In a discussion of ebooks, reviews, and various other aspects of the electronic publishing community, the term “incestuous” was thrown out there. And while it made me laugh out loud, it really is a fairly good descriptor for a community of fans, authors, readers, and reviewers who live much of their day online, chatting with each other, sharing thoughts and learning one another’s lives.

Actually though, I think the romance reader online community is a small one. After all, without word of mouth, Dara Joy’s self pubbed book wouldn’t have been such widespread knowledge. We wouldn’t have ‘fangirls’. There would be no special excerpts, free short stories to explain a character’s background, or heated debates over whether LKH’s latest works are losing their edge(and they are!) And in today’s age of the ‘net, readers can form a more personal relationship with their favorite authors (hence the development of rabid fans LOL!). But I believe that makes it more difficult to find an objective review. Because those reviewers are worried about alienating a beloved author by giving their work a more critical look.

I’d like to think I would do it different…but I won’t be critiquing any Ellora’s Cave books on my blog πŸ˜‰ I’m not one of those EC fans who think every book published by EC is wonderful. In fact, I’ve read a few that are downright stinkers. But unless someone asked me specifically (and privately), I would never mention them and I don’t remember ever seeing anyone post in the circle of chatgroups about an EC book that they DIDN’T like (although I have seen this on sites not associated with EC). And I think it’s because when you’ve formed a “family” relationship, it’s harder to tell the ‘world’ and the person whose feelings you care about, that their work could have…well…used some work πŸ™‚

** to tag that, it’s different when you’re reading something unpublished for critique, proofing, and editing. Then I would hope (unless you’re Anne Rice who believes she writes the perfect novel), comments- honest comments, are expected and welcome (even if they don’t always give warm fuzzies!)**

One Final Thought…

I’ve decided I love blogging. Even if no one is ever going to read it, it’s been incredibly…ummm…not therapeutic, not cathartic…freeing? I lay in bed at night and compose blogs(which I never end up writing) in my head to help process my day. It’s been a fantastic outlet for a mommy who has recently, during this ultra cold weather, seen only her husband and her daughter for several day stretches. Hurray for the internet for preserving what was left of my sanity πŸ˜‰

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