To steal a quote from Winnie the Pooh!

Josh came home from WalMart tonight, after the discussion on Breezy’s blog of WalMart being inherently evil, with a bag full of 5 different kinds of miniature candy bars. He said “they just fell into my basket.” Uh-huh. Did a Personal Trainer happen to fall in there with them?

BabyTalk Magazine is accepting applications for their 6th annual BabyTalk Cover Baby Contest. I’m going to enter Brianna. I’m a biased mommy, I think she’s pretty darn cute and I think everyone should agree with me. The only problem is, she does kind of look like alot of other cute babies. I mean, she’s special to me, but what would make her jump out to the judges? I’m going to ask my friend, Chris, who is an incredibly talented and amazing amateur photographer, to take some pictures of Brianna for the contest.

Speaking of Brianna, she is sound asleep in my arms, sucking her thumb. She’s been doing alot of that since she found her fingers with her mouth. Or her mouth with her fingers?? Only problem is that she hasn’t figured out how to do a cute fist with the other fingers yet. So they’re splayed wide open across her face…and occasionally poking in her eye or getting stuck in her nose.

Has anyone noticed that blogspot’s spellcheck doesn’t recognize blog as a word? Umm…irony?

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