Rant on…

It’s only fair. I’m going to blog about my friend Jaynie. Why is it only fair? Well, because she’s always threatening people with the idea that she might be blogging about them.

I love Jaynie’s blog. As someone, who shall remain unnamed, said to me today “She blogs about all the things I wish I could say, but can’t.” Seriously. Although, in my case it’s more like I don’t say it. Not that I can’t. I don’t always agree with Jaynie’s point of view (sorry Jaynie, to save my poor, cracked and bleeding nipples so I could continue breastfeeding, I gave Brianna a pacifier when she was 5 days old. And it was probably the best thing I could have done). But even if I don’t agree with it, I admire her chutzpah in saying it! And there are so many times when I’ve been irritated over something, only to wander to Jaynie’s blog and see a post about that very topic! Thank you Jaynie, for being so honest! I admire an honest person.

Of course, between Jaynie’s blog today about thing that annoy her on the loops and the thread about pet peeves on the October mom’s board today, combined with something that has been irritating me on the loops, I was feeling my own rant. And then I realized there was absolutly no nice way to rant about the things that are irritating me. And then I thought…who cares, no one who does these things is going to be reading this blog anyway!

So, I want to say, for God’s sake, if you dropped a 50lb weight on your foot, contracted the Ebola virus, or were trapped under a tree and had to saw your own leg off…get thee to the frigging doctor! Please don’t force me to read 500 various posts about your malady and how much pain you’re in or how miserable you are but how you hate the doctor so you’re not going. And then 500 more posts of people begging you to go and you coyly insisting you’ll be fine but a book from such and such an author might make it all better. Grrrrr…two pet peeves in one, continuous bid for attention while managing to appear fairly brainless because you won’t take care of yourself so people will be concerned about you and schlepping for books (or various other things) from an author.

Let me be clear, I have been known to whine for a freebie or two myself. And if you’re emailing the author offlist, specifically asking for something, that’s entirely different (although the authors might see it differently LOL) I’m not a hypocrite (well, not normally) and I love nothing more than a free book in my inbox, but when it’s insinuated in every post you make… well, if it irritates me then I have to wonder what those authors are thinking? Stop it! We know you don’t have money, it’s your 18th-40th-100th birthday, Prince Charles is marrying the common whore, it’s Friday and you could really use a book to read over the weekend…stop, please, just stop! I can’t take anymore…

And for the last part of my rant, this goes to the mom’s board. Is your baby really that perfect? I mean, I know we all think our babies are wonderful but c’mon…every post about how smart s/he is, how they’ve reached their milestones and are now ready to go off to college and earn their own living… have pity on those of us who are struggling with colic, sleepless nights, gassy tummies, slow rollers, and babies whose heads are still wobbly. Don’t inundate every thread started by mom’s wondering if anyone else is in their boat and still struggling with posts about how your baby can do that and has since birth. It’s just not nice!

Rant off. How’d I do Jaynie?

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