I swear, I have no sense of time since I became a stay at home mom. The only reason I keep any track of days is so I know what shows are on TV that evening. Oh, and so I can keep track of when the new sales start at the different grocery stores in town. And isn’t that just sad? I feel like I have become the most uninteresting person ever. I have nothing exciting to talk about- unless someone would care to know how many poopy diapers my daughter produced today (it was quite a prodigious amount, really).

I did make a really hard decision today. I am definitly not going to be attending the RT Convention this year. I realized I spend quite a bit of my time worrying the issue and going back and forth and agonizing over how I’ll feel about being away from Bri for 4 days while breastfeeding, how she’ll handle it, how Josh will handle it… It occurred to me that any decision that was causing me so much anxiety was obviously not the right thing for me at this time. So, I waited until Josh came home tonight, discussed it with him, and we agreed that I would not go this year. And I actually feel really at peace with this.

I’m horribly sad that I’m not going to get to meet so many people that I’ve been chatting with this past year and I hate to miss out on so much fun, but this feels like the right thing. And I’m glad (as I’m sure everyone who’s had to listen to me piss and moan is) that I’ve finally reached a decision.

The good news is that I’m going to attend the Celebrate Romance convention in Baltimore at the beginning of March. Josh and Brianna are going to go with me and stay in the hotel. So, I’ll still get a bit of fun without having to create a ton of worry for myself. It won’t be near the same thing, but it’s something anyhow! And I’ll be at RT next year!

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