Brianna’s 4 month appt is coming up on the 22nd (*sniff* my baby is getting big…) and the doctor said we’d talk about starting solids at that appointment. I know ideally he wants me to exclusivly breastfeed until she’s six months old, and I’m okay with that, but on the off chance that I cave in to my MIL’s constant comments of- “see how she’s staring at your food. She wants that!”, I want to be prepared to start my monkey on healthy foods.

So, I have this grandiose idea that I’ll make my own baby food at home rather than buying jars. Ha ha. We’ll see how long that lasts, but I’ll give it a whirl. With that in mind, I decided to research and find a book that I can use to help me out. Oddly, there don’t seem to be any terrific books for preparing baby food. The ones that have high marks on Amazon also have very low reviews stating that the books recommend foods inappropriate for babies (things like nuts which are a no no before age 1) or add things like sugar and syrup to the foods (uh…in that case, I might as well just buy jars). I’m a little discouraged that I couldn’t find one that looked perfect. I guess I’ll have to hit the bookstore and scan the books myself (oh what a hardship…an excuse to visit the bookstore…) But if anyone out there is looking for a best-selling book idea, I’m thinking there’s a need for a well-researched, healthy baby food book 😉

Josh had his first experience with true parental terror last night. We’ve just recently started putting Brianna to bed upstairs. Up until the last week or so, we started her out in the pack & play in our dining room, so she was easy to see and easily accessible if she fussed (I know, bad mommy, add it to my list). Last night, she’s up in bed sleeping, and has been quiet-no peeps through the baby monitor- for about an hour when I casually point out to Josh “Gosh, Brianna’s been real quiet for a long time…” I no more get the words out of my mouth than a look of pure, absolute terror crosses his face and he is racing out of the room and up the stairs. I follow behind at a more sedate pace and get upstairs to find him leaning over her, petting her head, smiling, but breathing quite heavily. Upon further questioning, it turns out that he has not before experienced that moment of pure panic when you think your child might not be breathing…where was he during my 2am anxiety attacks? Is this more of a mommy thing? Do dads not have their sleep interrupted with the sudden nightmare flashing through their subconscious that baby might not be moving?

Sometimes, I wonder if I’ll ever sleep through the night again…

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