Shocking, I’m sure. Jack. He’s one of the things I missed when I moved away. He is wonderful and funny and an absolute riot to have a conversation with. Because he’s an incredibly intereting person. I went to get my haircut yesterday and spent 2 hours (yes, it was a long haircut but there were alot of pauses for hand waves) sitting in a chair in front of a mirror and gabbing with Jack.

One of the reasons we get along so well is because we know a lot of the same people. Jack says I’m a fag hag because a good portion of my friends are gay men. What a lovely description. I’ve always wanted to be known as a hag. Okay, not really. Who first coined that term anyhow? And shouldn’t having so many gay friends just indicate an accepting nature 😉

So one of the things we talked about was Ron Jeremy’s…err…stature. Ha ha. It arose (*snicker* excuse the pun) from a discussion of Surreal Life and that Jack wished they would shown “it” after all the bragging about size. I was surprised that he’d never seen a movie (I use the term loosely) with Ron Jeremy in it. “Honey, that’s straight porn. I don’t watch that.” Well, duh. What was I thinking? I had to assure Jack that the bragging was well justified. Certainly Ron Jeremy doesn’t flip any switches for me, but the man was blessed. With size. Unfortunately, the rest of the package doesn’t showcase the goods.

And while I’m speaking of sex, I was watching Sex In The City today. Carrie is dating a politician who wants a Golden Shower and she writes a column titled “To Pee or Not to Pee” Okay, without insulting anyone, can I say that this is a sex practice that I have never understood? I wish someone would explain the eroticism in having someone urinate on them. Why oh why? Carrie suggested that she could just pour warm tea on him. But apparently that doesn’t hold the same effect. I feel like I have a pretty broad view of sexual practices, but I just don’t get this one. And let’s not even discuss anything involving other bodily functions…

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