10. Keeping my daughter out past her bedtime so I can go shopping.

9. Drinking a margarita while holding my daughter.

8. Drinking a maragarita despite the fact that I’m breastfeeding (although not both at the same time)

7. The red mark on my daughter’s forehead from where she whacked herself on the margarita glass (see number 9) when she did a swan dive towards the pretty green color.

6. A wet diaper- really, really wet diaper- in the morning because I was too freaking exhausted to get up and change it right away.

5. Wishing my daughter would nap longer than 15 minutes so I could write a blog.

4. Using the television as a babysitter so I can sit down in front of the computer for 15 minutes, arms free of baby.

3. Having to feed my daughter every hour and then wondering if maybe I’m starving her by not giving her solids because the ped says exclusive breastfeeding is better for her until at least 4 months but preferably 6. And listening to my MIL and FIL make approximately 10 comments in one meal about the baby looking at the food, wanting the food, watching the food…

2. Feeling resentful sometimes that I don’t have much “me” time, that I can’t just kick back and read a book, I can’t just take off on a trip, I can’t hop in the bathtub (unless I want to take her in with me), I can’t cook, clean, shop, or even go to the bathroom without the baby.

And the number one thing? This should be easy to guess…

1. My Mother-in-Law

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