You know the world is going nuts when there are . earthquakes in Maryland

And I’m still thinking about this cool story that Jaci pointed out to me last week about the underwater citythat was uncovered by the tsunami last December. It really sparks the imagination. What a fabulous discovery!

On the sad side, they were reporting on the news about a puppy farm in Texas that 100 puppies were rescued from. Some of the puppies were literally screaming in pain and they were all manurished and neglected:( And they found puppy bodies… People who can abuse animals like that should be taken out to a field and shot.

And in a town close by, a newborn baby was abandoned this weekend. Construction workers found the baby in a gazebo outside the hospital. Doctors think the baby was only an hour old, but was full term and seems to be healthy and doing well (although the baby was cold– it was like eleven degrees outside this weekend!)

Kobe Bryant is going to be questioned under oath for the first time about the alleged 2003 sexual attack. I’m of the opinion that it is very possible for him to have done this. He has enough arrogance in him to think that no girl could possibly really mean to say “no” to him. But I guess we’ll never really know. It’s between him and his higher power now!

On the American Idol front, I was so glad that Bo Bice lives to see another show. He had this liquid silver voice that I found very polished and enjoyable. I hope he sticks around for awhile. Unlike the thoroughly annoying Mikalah. She looks like she’s spent a few years on some good meds, despite being only 16. Talk about being aged before your time. And oh, she’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. The very funny Mrs. Giggles has some pictures on her website of this teen pain making charming (oh they are so not flattering) faces.

WARNING!! If you are a fan of Viggo Mortenson, do NOT visit Mrs. Giggles’ site. She has a picture of him that is absolutely, truly horrible and quite possibly could kill any lust left in your heart for beautiful, scruffy Aragon.

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