You have something you want to blog about, but you’re not at your computer, and by the time you get there, YOU CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS!!!

I was watching the news last night and something caught my attention. But I was really tired (thanks to my Princess Poopy Pants and her refusal to sleep more than 2 hours at a time) so I decided I’d wait until this morning. This morning came and…I knew I wanted to blog but had no clue about what! I even went to the news station’s website to see if a lightbulb would appear but no such luck. I’ve been wracking my damn brain all day and I’m drawing a blank. Sadly, the only thing I can remember seeing on the news last night was two of the disgruntled American Idol losers. And I watched an hour of news. Did I mention that I was really tired? *sigh* I’m just going to chalk the whole experience up to mommy brain.

But I had a productive day, despite my desperate attempts to recreate my inspiration. Our tax refund came in and because we unexpectedly had an extra deduction and one third of the year on single income (thanks to Princess Poopy Pants for both of those) we got a large enough chunk of money back that we could pay off all of our bills and be debt free. All the hospital bills, credit card, furniture and misc things are all GONE!! I spent the day paying every single blessed bill and we still have money left over AND another paycheck coming in this month that can go straight to savings. It’s an amazing feeling. A load of stress lifted.

So what am I doing to celebrate?? Well DUH! I’m a girl, I’m going shopping. For a laptop. *swoon* I’ve been wanting a laptop for a year, I’d like to be able to do my proofing, etc, while hanging out with Brianna on the living room floor.

Today was a good day!

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