I know I’m not the only one that does this, but when I tried to explain my reasoning for it to Josh last night, he couldn’t comprehend what I was talking about. I read the end. Which is normal, you’re supposed to read the end of a book. But I read it after I got about 30 pages into the book. I just had to know I was going get the ending I wanted! When I told Josh, he asked “But doesn’t that ruin the book?” Noooo…it saves me alot of anxiety that I would otherwise feel while reading the book. I ‘d be racing through the body of the text, trying to get to the end to make sure things work themselves out and everyone ends up where they belong. It also saves me from wasting time on a book I might want to throw against a wall (Oh how I wish that I’d read the end of Thomas Harris’s Hannibal and saved my time for a book that actually had an ending that fit the characters).

But Josh didn’t understand, and I ended up shrugging my shoulders and stating “I guess you have to be a reader to understand.” Not to say everyone who reads does the same thing, but I know you’re out there!

Oh, BTW, the book in question was Deadly Illusions by Brenda Joyce. When I’m done with my current proofing job (tomorrow hopefully) I’ll do a small write up on what I thought of the book!

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