Do you ever have the feeling that you’re peddling and peddling and you’re just not gettin anywhere?

Oh Damn! Why didn’t someone tell me this was a stationary bike?

Seriously, I look at this blog every day and know exactly what I want to blog about. But I want some uninterrupted time to do that. I need a vacation.

So, the good news is, I’m going out of town this weekend. Going to the Celebrate Romance conference in Baltimore 🙂 Yayy! Josh and Brianna are going with and Josh is going to hang out in the hotel with Brianna. All I have to do is breastfeed. Ha! It’ll be his first real time of being mostly responsible for her without having me easily accessible to soothe her. It will be good for both of them, I think.

I thought I was going to have internet available to me, since I bought a laptop last weekend, but damn Circuit City LIED when they said it would be here in 3-9 days. Turns out it’s on BACK ORDER. Hmph. Color me unhappy.

But I’ll be back Sunday night with pics from the conference (lots of authors are going to be there!) and a recap of how it went. Have a good one!!

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