In the past week, I am ashamed to say I have read only one book 🙁 I’ve been too enthralled with playing with my new laptop to take time to read (although you wouldn’t know I’d been spending hours on the computer from my lack of blogging).

But I can honestly say that the one book I did read, In Your Eyes by Laura Moore was such a fantastic read, that I don’t feel badly at all that it was my only one for the week.

I met Laura at Celebrate Romance last weekend in Baltimore. I am sad to say I had never heard of her before and I wonder if many of you may not have either. I’m aiming to fix that with this blog. If ever a book deserved some reader promotion, this is it!

Laura was incredibly sweet and captivated by Brianna. She had very nice things to say about me as well (she said I have a very fresh look about me and don’t look old enough to have a baby which was a welcome compliment for a sleep deprived, permanent-luggage-under-my-eyes, my-thirtieth-birthday-is-looming-before-me-mom). So, that of course meant I had to buy her books, In Your Eyes and Night Swimming which were offered for sale at CR. Although I haven’t read Night Swimming yet, I read In Your Eyes my first day back from the conference. And I read it in one day, which, given my lack of reading since the baby was born, is impressive and actually speaks more highly of how much I enjoyed this book than any words I could use. Although I will try.

In Your Eyes is a book that leaves you with a smile on your face as you read the last page and close the cover. It’s a love story that you don’t want to end. The best way for me to describe it is as a true romance. It’s not a paranormal, not a romantic comedy, there’s no mystery or suspense. The book, the plot, the romance all center on the developing love and relationship between Alex and Genevieve. And Laura does a wonderful job of developing these characters and the believability of their romance.

There are a few things about the book that are almost stereotypical – He is a rich, powerful money making machine. She is a starving artist with a large family. There’s some plot involving the “other woman.” But all of those things combine to make this a sweeping romance in the style of romances from the 80’s. It put me in mind of the feel of some of the early Nora Roberts, Jayne Ann Krentz, and other romance writing powerhouses. There is never any feeling of a heroine who should be shot for being too wishy-washy or insecure. No belief that the hero needs a swift kick in the…fill in your favorite blank…for being too arrogant or overbearing. What you discover is a belief that these are two people who know each other and deserve to find love and happiness with one another! I became so enthralled with Laura’s descriptions of the characters and Genevieve’s art that I found myself sighing wistfully, wishing I could actually see the paintings and perhaps hang one on my wall.

Romantic Times gave this book 4 1/2 stars and although I am not one to usually pay attention to reviews, this book deserves every bit of that rating. Laura commented to me at CR that she was “terrible at promoting” herself and was thrilled when people visted her website because it meant she “must be doing something right” I hope you will take the time to visit her her website and pick up this book and give it a try because it seems she did everything right when writing this book! I believe you will not be disappointed! And oh yeah, I have to mention that these books have some great covers. Kind of evocative and thought provoking!

Now, I’m off to glom Laura’s backlist…

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