We’re house hunting. Or to be more specific, we’ve been house hunting since I was 7 months pregnant last August. But, at the time, we were living with Josh’s parents since we’d just moved back to the area and I couldn’t take it any longer – you try living with 4 other adults, 2 children, their 6 cats plus your own 2 cats that aren’t allowed to leave the bedroom – all while being 7 months pregnant, having just left a job you loved and not having any friends in the immediate area. And experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions daily. Yeah. We decided to scrap the house hunt and rent a place for the short term to save our sanity. Okay, and maybe I was having dreams of blowing up every tv in his parent’s house since all of them went at top volume all day. On cartoons or soap operas.

So anyhow, we’re renting a house from a friend of a friend. He bought it last April, fixed it up (not really, but that’s a long story on its own) and needed to sit on it until this April so he didn’t get any penalties for selling it within a year. It’s a former crack house (I’m not lying). Our heat bills are over $300 a month and we don’t turn the heat up past 70 degrees. Our neighbors across the street use kerosene gas that they keep on the porch because the gas company turned off their supply. And Josh has an ongoing feud with the girl next door over the on street parking- she parks in front of our house and if her car is gone, he goes out and moves our car to a position that doesn’t allow her to park even remotely close to their house. He started doing this after I actually went over and asked them not to park in front of the house since we had a newborn to carry in and out and they ignored my request. And the list goes on– firecrackers at all hours of the night, people driving the wrong way down our one way street, drug deals going on… it’s time to move. Oh and did I mention our lease is up?

So, we’ve been house hunting. The community we’re currently living in is not in our price range. Here’s an example- Josh’s parents bought their house 4 years ago for just over 100,000. They’re going to sell it for about 500,000. The house we live in? The former crack house in the bad neighborhood? Will go for about 175- 200. Damn Washington DC/Annapolis residents have decided they want to own property here. We’re not even going to try to find a house here, unfortunately, Josh is going to have to commute from the nearby bigger town.

But that poses it’s own problems, not too far from the ocean and a college town. And in a bit of a property boom of its own. A house in our price range comes and goes on the market so quickly we don’t have time to look at it, let alone make an offer. And what’s in our price range is not really what we want. We talked about building, but there are no buildable lots for sale – the developers snatch those up just as soon as they go for sale.

So, house hunting sucks. We’re staring at the end of our lease and have nowhere to live. Oh, my Mother-in-law said we could come live with them again. Not if she treasures those tv’s we won’t.

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