I was thinking today about the things I miss about pre-parenthood. But first, a disclaimer: I wouldn’t. Ever. Trade my daughter to be able to have these things again. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss them sometimes. But not as much as I’d miss Brianna.

…putting on clean clothes in the morning and having them stay clean all day instead of wearing spit up, sweet potatos, baby poo or other various body fluids on them within a half hour of donning them.

…being able to run an errand without planning as if I’m going out of the country.

…sex without fear of interuption. Or even just sex (what goes where again?)

…my boobs without stretch marks.

…my fairly flat stomach. Now I’ve got this baby pooch from being all stretched out. and my xyphoid process is still bent and makes an ugly bulge under my ribcage.

…going out for a drink with the friends on the spur of the moment.

…sleeping through the night. Or even more than three hours at a stretch (and three hour stretches are rare, oh so rare)

…living in a house decorated for adults. Not with swings, bouncers, pack n plays or other assorted baby items which seem to multiply at night.

…doing laundry only once a week or so. Who knew babies made so much laundry?

…my salary. I miss my job too but I wish I was drawing a salary for this even more difficult job!

…reading time. You’d think as a stay at home mom, I’d have more time to read but it’s really less. It’s just too hard to get into a book when I have to keep one eye on the baby or have her needing my attention. The computer is just so much easier for that free time. Yeah, I miss reading.

…my cats’ good behavior. I have two and one is comptetely cool with the baby- just looks at her as another source of affection (and the baby looks at the cat’s tail as an extremely attractive chew toy that moves on its own) but the fat orange cat is acting like he’s possessed. He still hasn’t acclimated to having something else take our attention.

…having people greet me. Hello?? Am I invisible? Don’t you see the person holding Brianna up? Or does she appear to just be floating in the air?

But really, as much as I might whine, complain or bitch, all of those things are minor when presented with the face that smiles up at me every day in complete, unconditional love and happiness. The face in the picture below this post. How could I not be willing to give up everything for her?

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