We went and looked at another house today. And, of course, as these things go, fell in love with it. I mean, it’s perfect. It has everything we want, in a decent neighborhood, the house has room for some improvements and do-it-ourself projects but is beautiful and livable and did I mention perfect?

So what, you are asking yourselves, is the drawback? Isn’t it perfectly obvious? The price. Their asking price is just above our upper upper limit. (and yes that’s two uppers which means it’s high. Ha ha. Excuse the pun) We’re going to meet with the finance lady next week and figure out exactly what we can afford to offer and then we’re going to put a contract on it and make Brianna keep her fingers crossed until we hear the exact answer we want 😉

See, that’s another reason why house hunting sucks. All the feeling that get wrapped up in finding a house. The hope, expectation, excitement, despair, desire, anticipation and a million other wonderful and uncomfortable feelings following you even in to sleep.

Why oh why can’t I just wiggle my nose like Samantha in Bewitched and have the perfect house appear, fully furnished in the exact location of my choice?

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