Linda Blair is inhabiting my daughter’s body. I swear, she has turned into this cranky, whiny demon child. My perfect princess (okay, she’s never been perfect but I can pretend)is wearing me out. I haven’t blogged about anything substantial in a few days, despite the fact that I have a list of topics running about my head. The sad fact is that I’m just too daggone tired to organize my thoughts into anything resembling a cohesive blog. Mostly I can only think about how tired I am.

Brianna has discovered rolling. Which is wonderful, it’s a milestone, I’m a parent, I’m glad she’s hit a milestone. I just wish she didn’t want to practice it at two in the morning. The past two nights have been brutal, with no more than 2 hours of sleep for either of us past midnight. By either of us I mean me and Brianna. Josh sleeps okay, but he has to get up for work, so it’s allowed (I guess). She has suddenly decided that it’s the fun thing to do, to be awake, rolling and turning in circles around her crib all night long. I have to run in every 10 minutes or so to get her unstuck as she has a penchant for somehow backing herself up to the side of the crib and getting her legs stuck outside the crib. It’d be funny if I wasn’t so darn tired.

So, our days have been a fun mix of happy, smiling baby one minutes and screaming, snarling spawn of satan the next. It’s terrifying. And exhausting. I hope this is a short phase.

And if you’re wondering if I nap, the answer is- when Brianna lets me. She doesn’t like it when I nap (okay, perhaps I’m taking this too personally- it’s hard not to when you’re operating on 3 or 4 hours of sleep). I laid down to take a nap this afternoon at the same time she did. Normal length of Brianna’s afternoon nap – average 2 hours, minimum one hour. Today’s nap length – 30 minutes. And she SHOULD be tired.

So anyhow, it’s really easy to blog about lack of sleep, because I don’t feel I need to be particulary organized to do it. The other things… they take a little more thought.

Did I mention that Brianna is rolling? And now I have “Rollng on the river…” stuck in my head. Damn. I’m going to bed.

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