Did the great “internet free” experiment yesterday. Although I have to admit, since Brianna got me out of bed at 6:30am, I did check my email and post the “Dear Charlie and Angie” column. But I had the laptop shut down and put away by 7:30a – before Josh even got out of bed. And the first thing he asked was “where’s your laptop?” Just goes to show how odd it is to not see it sitting in front of me. Even if I’m not using it.

What did I discover? Mostly that I was irritated with how much Josh was on the internet. LOL. No really. But it was interesting to see how we’d be in the kitchen doing something (like putting away groceries from my shopping trip) and he’d say, I’m going up to check on the baby. Which he did. But then he ended up at the computer. Or when I asked him if he could play with the baby for a while before she went to bed and he said, “okay, just let me finish up this post” 25 minutes later and he was still writing that damn post (he had to do research). But the sad thing is, yes it irritated me, but I KNOW I do the same thing. Maybe I don’t have quite the same luxury of not responding immediately to the baby’s needs, but I still do those things all the same. And I’m sure sometimes it’s irritating to him too!

I think I blogged this once before, when my parents were here and I didn’t get much internet time, but yes, the computer was like a physical pull. Even though it was put away. I’d be doing something and suddenly think, “I ought to check my email, or the baby board, or see what people are chatting about.” Sad. So sad. No wonder I haven’t been reading because in the middle of reading a page, I’d think about setting the book aside to log on to the computer.

So I discovered that yes, the internet has interfered my reading time, but not with Brianna. I’m not spending any less or more time with her because of the computer. I found that was the same so big relief of mommy guilt there 😉 Oh, and I came to the realization that it’s not because of the computer that I’m not motivated to do clean-up around the house. It’s just because I generally dislike housework. Or maybe I’m lazy. I dunno, but I can stop blaming that on the computer too!

I’ll probably try to do this every Sunday. It was nice, I actually read an entire book, Alison Kent’s Bane Affair. It was a great break from the computer, I made a infinitesimal dent in my TBR pile (only several hundred to go!), and the on-line world went on without me!

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