Not being able to leave a comment on someone’s blog. Both Shannon and Kate have mentioned this in the past week. That they couldn’t leave a comment so they had to come back to their own blog to do it. And you know what, damnit, I agree! Half the fun of blogs are reading the comments or being able to leave a comment and have a little interaction with that blogger that you probably don’t get to have anywhere else. I mean it’s not like everyone whose blog I read visits my blog and leaves a comment and in the case of the blogs I’m talking about – PBW and Beth (which actually were the same blogs, I just realized, that Shan and Kate were referring to) I’m sure they’re not visiting my blog. So damnit, they should let me leave a comment 😉

I guess I don’t get not letting people leave comments. I live for the comments people leave on my blog. Okay, not necessarily live for, but I do look forward to them. I like feedback and thoughts from other people. But not the ones like the guy left on yesterday’s entry. I mean, stopping by to say hi? If you’re going to spam me so I’ll visit your blog or people reading my comments will visit your blog, at least have the fucking courtesy to comment on the topic. Err…ahem… Well, maybe that’s one of the reasons PBW and Beth don’t allow comments.

I don’t know but I sure would like to tell Beth that it’s okay for her friend Snookie to have a drink even though she’s breastfeeding. It’s actually pretty widely accepted that it’s okay. There are only a few rabid purists who would berate her and start a debate about it. And call her a bad mother. And I don’t know about Snookie, but I have plenty of voices in my head telling me that already, what’s one more from a person I don’t know anyhow?

Anyhow!! I don’t like not being able to comment. Although once you allow comments, it seems like that does add more responsibility to your blogging. Like responding to the commenters, thanking them for stopping by and acknowleding your existance, telling them to fuck off for spamming your blog…err…ahem… Debating a point, etc. etc. And I know I’m not always great about doing that (well, obviously I’m good at telling the spammers to piss off) but I do love the comments I get. Makes me feel like I’m not alone in the world! Now, if only everyone would think like me and TURN ON THEIR COMMENTS all would be right in my happy little existance (if only it were that simple, right?)

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