I’ve been out spring shopping these past few weeks. I hadn’t actually bought any new clothes since before the baby was born, so I was long overdue to add to my wardrobe.

There I was, shopping in New York & Company, a store I really like because they sell trendy clothes that don’t look like they’re made for a 15 year-old girl. So, there I was and what should appear before my eyes but a darling little cargo skirt. In an array of tempting and pleasing colors. Hot pink, lime green, white, black, baby blue… Beautiful colors, but I should only buy one skirt because it’s not like I have anywhere to wear a skirt. Even a casual skirt. So I start debating my options… black is definitely out since I own two cats. I’d prefer not to leave the house looking like I’m wearing a fur rug. And white… well, white is so restricting because it’s easy to get dirt and stains- anyone ever seen what regurgitated baby carrots can do to clothing? I wouldn’t be caught dead in lime green so… hot pink, baby blue, or khaki? I love, LOVE the hot pink skirt. It’s beautiful. I look great in pink. The blue is nice and also a good color for me. But khaki. Well, I could wear the khaki skirt with just about anything. And if I wanted to wear it twice in one week, it wouldn’t be as noticeable (again, because I have sooo many places I’ll be wearing a skirt to). Khaki is just so versatile. I’d sure love that wonderful hot pink skirt. But it’s just not practical. Khaki it is.

Waaahhhhh! When did I become the “practical shopper?” OMG, I think I’m channeling my mother! Why oh why didn’t I buy that pink skirt? The khaki is cute but it’s not PINK. And that’s the one I wanted. But suddenly, I’m thinking about money, and stains, and getting the best use out of something and I walk out of the store with a khaki skirt.

So, if you’re looking for me at RT, I’ll be the one wearing the khaki skirt. And khaki shorts. And khaki cargo pants. And khaki jeans. And khaki capris… you think I’m joking, but I’m not. It’s just so damn matronly it makes me wanna puke. But not baby carrots- I’ll leave that to Brianna.

I think I’ll go buy that pink skirt. I’ll bet the baby carrot stains would blend right in.

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