Brianna and I attended our first playdate today. At Chuck E. Cheese of all places 🙂 It was fun, there were 6 moms there total, 3 babies and 3 toddlers. The other two babies were both Brianna’s age- one two weeks older and one two weeks younger. She was absolutely enchanted with the other babies although they didn’t want anything to do with her LOL. She wanted to play and would sit facing them and be just chattering away and grabbing their hands. They pretty much ignored her 🙁 She, however, is a resiliant child and amused herself by staring at the ceiling light. Actually, if you’ve ever been to a CEC, you know there is plenty of light and sound to entertain even the most unimpressed of babies.

From our new experience I discovered several things about my daughter. One, she is the cutest baby ever. The other two didn’t hold a candle to her. Two, she is pretty advanced for her age. She is sitting independently, crawling, and if I prop her up, she can stand without weeble-wobbling all over. Three, she’s a sympathetic cryer. The younger baby started wailing for his bottle and after about 30 seconds of that, Brianna decided that she too must help plead his cause. It was pretty freaking adorable *g*. And four, my child has the most biased mommy in the world. Of course I think she’s perfect. She’s mine 😉

It was nice to get out and socialize with other women who can understand my daily frustrations. And so neat to be able to compare notes with moms of babies Brianna’s age. We will definitly be attending more playdates. And I’m sure that Brianna’s extraordinary charm will melt those other baby’s icy hearts.

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