EC rules the world:

Okay, this is totally secondhand since I didn’t attend any of the talks at RT, just a few of the parties. But on Friday, there was a luncheon and Sue from Waldenbooks (some executive there) apparently gave a talk and part of it went something like this:

Waldenbooks had been seeing a decrease in purchases of romance. Then last fall, something happened and there was an increase in sales again. It was the release of Ellora’s Cave print books. 2 million dollars in sales…

Keep in mind I’m loosely paraphrasing something I got secondhand from more than one very excited person but I thought it was interesting information worth sharing. Especially given the blogging world’s uproar over the latest RWA gossip (namely the letter to the editor by a disgruntled member who felt that it was a mistake to lower their standards and include an…ahem… unnamed publisher). Perhaps this author should have instead been writing a thank you letter to the unnamed publisher for giving romance a shot in the ass (pun intended).

And on that same note, perhaps publishers should consider their authors also writing for Ellora’s Cave a blessing and encourage them to promote both at the same time. After all, it seems that romantica is the rising trend and I can imagine that readers discovering an EC author is also a mainstream author will at least buy one of their mass market books. So publishers, I’m sure you’re all reading my blog and I just want to say: rip up that secrecy clause and let your authors shout to the world that they write for Ellora’s Cave as well!

Overheard at RT in the elevator:

“There are some authors here who probably make oodles of money who have the class of hookers.”

Kathryn Falk is my hero.

For those who don’t know who she is Kathryn Falk is the Founder and CEO of Romantic Times magazine. On Saturday at the Book Fair, the line to check out was HORRIBLE. Probably the worst experience of the whole conference. The wait was around 2 hours to pay for the books picked up at the book fair. So I was in line, with books, a stroller and a baby who had already been jostled around for four hours at the book fair and not allowed to sleep because when she finally fell asleep in her stroller some FREAKING STRANGER grabbed her leg to feel her “soft skin” and woke her up. My head just may have rotated 360 degrees. Anyhow, I digress. So there I am in line with Brianna who is beginning to be not happy. There’s another stranger beside me who keeps insisting she will hold Brianna to “give me a break”, completely disregarding me when I politely tell her my child will scream bloody murder if I hand her off (not to mention I don’t know this woman) because she is fussy and she doesn’t even like her father to hold her when she’s fussy and I’m in her eyesight. I’m facing at the minimum an hour in this line but probably closer to two when this woman walks up to admire Brianna, takes one look at me and pulls me out of line and puts me in a chair behind the cash register. Where I got to pay for my books immediately. It was Kathryn Falk and words cannot even begin to describe how grateful I was to her in that moment. I’m sure the people who had to continue to stand in line were not as appreciative of her generosity towards me since that just made their wait slightly longer, but for my baby’s sake I could have kissed her feet. She was the personification of generosity and kindness and is my new hero. If anyone out there knows Kathryn Falk, make sure you tell her she’s the BOMB-DIGGITY!

Things I learned at RT:
** Brianna is much more memorable than I am. I heard from at least 5 people that met us at Celebrate Romance that they recognized Brianna first when they saw us at RT.

** I would not particularly care to date a model. The majority (and I say majority because there were a FEW exceptions) were quite enamored of themselves. My favorite was hearing about the model who turned towards a mirror to watch himself drink some water. Whatever dude.

** Yes, you probably CAN get too many books. And no, they won’t always fit in your luggage- even if you drove. The bellhop told me a story of 2 women who drove to the conference and insisted they were going to get three boxes of books in their car despite his assurances that they would not. They ended up shipping them home via UPS.

** Floggers and chocolate cocks WILL attract attention in a bar. Who knew?

** That the people you meet online are just as wonderful as you could hope for them to be. And that when you have to leave to go home, you will wish they all lived on your block so you could see them tomorrow, not next year.

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