I’ve read a few books in the past month that I’ve been wanting to review but never got around to posting. The first two I’ll start with are The Autumn Castle by Kim Wilkins and The Bane Affair by Alison Kent. I read them several weeks ago and had actually written my thoughts down- just never got around to posting them. I created my own grading system, since I had some time on my hands 😉 So I’ll share that with you first. And then somehow figure out if I can give it a permanent space on my sidebar or something.

Review Grading System:

(A) Keeper- Find room on your Keeper shelf
**These are the books that compel me to read to the exclusion of doing anything else (you know little things like changing the baby’s diaper or fixing dinner)

(B) Soak it Up- Great read for those relaxing bathtimes
**These are books that I enjoyed and found worth my reading time, but that I was able to set aside when I needed to.

(C) Eh- It might be worth a look if you’re curious, a big fan of the author or someone else has given it a good review
**These books didn’t inspire great emotion in me, but I don’t consider them a waste of my time.

(D) Pass- Take a Pass, save your money and pick up something from your TBR pile
**These books are lacking something- character development, plot, good writing and are ones I could have lived without ever reading.

(F) WallBanger – Good only for throwing and venting frustration
**Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Read at your own risk and don’t say I didn’t warn you! Rarely used and only for those truly disliked books.

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