The Bane Affair by Alison Kent

This was my first ever Alison Kent novel. I was quite excited to read it because the cover blurb was enticing and sounded right up my alley- a little intrigue, some great sex and a couple of interesting characters. Plus, I’m a series slut so I love to find a good series that’s already either underway or completed that I can glom and not have to wait for the next installment! Although I think it’s only fair to mention that Alison has said she’s written these books to be able to stand alone and not be dependent on the others. Not having read the subsequent books (yet) I can’t verify if this is true or not but thought it was worth mentioning.

So we have Christian Bane. Tortured and troubled hero, member of SG-5 with an axe to grind against SPECTRA, the evil organization nefariously plotting with our heroine’s godfather and employer to steal… something important (I’m not telling because that would be giving stuff away and I’m not into spoilers). He’s a man of few words (we know because the author tells us so) and scars- both psychological and physical. But he feels instant lust for our heroine…

Natasha. Shoe slut, clothes horse, and lover of fine cars with mega horsepower under the hood. An apparent adrenaline junkie and thrill seeker. Or so it seems from her wild drive of the hero’s hot, totally expensive car. Self-described loser in love and unashamed of her sexuality. Will fall into bed with a man although she continues to vow she won’t repeat past mistakes. Repent you sinner! Repent! And yet, seemingly naive when it comes to her evil godfather and his sinister plot…

In cahoots with SPECTRA, the evil godfather, crippled and in a wheelchair plans to shamelessly use his goddaughter/assistant to achieve his own ends. A dying man who has feigned a sense of fondness for his dead best friend’s daughter for years. Who feels no qualms about offering up her sexual favors and treating her as if he is a pimp rather than a supposedly genius professor and researcher. And yet shows a side of caring during times of reminiscing and looking back with his unwitting pawn, his goddaughter.

The premise and foundation of this book has good bones. But throughout the reading of it, I found myself thinking that the author was almost trying too hard. I can’t put my finger exactly on why I felt that way, but there it is. One thing I did note, is that there was some areas where the author seemed to be telling, rather than showing. Don’t you hate it when someone says something like that? Really, what does that mean? For me, it means things like the author telling me the heroine likes adrenaline- but I’m not really seeing it in the book with the exception of one scene. The telling not showing was one of my first impressions upon reading the opening pages. Some of that faded as I read, but I was left with a lingering sense of wordiness. The sex scenes are hot and well-written and do not overpower the book or the plot in anyway, but overall, the book did not compel me to read on and if I did not already own the other SG-5 titles, I’m not sure I would have picked them up after reading this. Although I do usually like to give a series a second chance, so I probably would have. It’s a pleasant read, middle of the road, but not something that will stay on my keeper shelf.

Grade: Eh

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