Is it wrong that I felt a little thrill run through me when I saw a link to my blog had been added to the Smart Bitches sidebar? I think the feeling is the equivalent of being the nerdy, unpopular girl in high school and being invited to sit with the cheerleaders and arrogant, cocky, but oh so gorgeous football players. So sue me, I’m going to take my thrills where I can get them and channel my inner teenager for a few more minutes!

On a different topic, Josh and I went “to town” yesterday (the bigger town 45 miles away where they actually have a mall and bookstores) and I looked at him on the way there and said in a rather apologetic tone “You’re probably going to want to smack me but I’d really like to stop at the bookstore and pick up a book that was released this week.”

Know why I love him so much? He didn’t even flinch but just added into our list of stops. And he even asked which bookstore- the big stand alone Barnes and Noble or the one in the mall? Big Barnes & Noble! Big Barnes & Noble. And then, as if just being understanding about me wanting to buy ONE MORE book after bringing home around 30 from RT wasn’t enough, he dropped me off and took the baby with him to Lowe’s so I would have time to browse on my own. And he didn’t say a word when I came out carrying a bag that obviously held more than the professed one book that I wanted to buy. That’s why I’m not upset that I didn’t get a gift for my first Mother’s Day. Okay, if I’m being honest, maybe I’m a little disappointed, but that’s because I like presents, not because he’s not an awesome husband!

Oh, and the books I bought? The new hardcover Charleine Harris, Sookie Stackhouse novel which I MISSED OUT on buying at the RT book fair because I didn’t get to her table before they got sold out (dammit!)

I also bought Elegy for a Lost Star by Elizabeth Haydon. This is the fifth (well technically it’s the second in the second trilogy) in a fabulous epic fantasy series. The whole series does have a thread of romance in it but the author did some in depth believable world building starting with the first book, Rhapsody. If you enjoy Robert Jordan, David Eddings, Terry Brooks or other epic fantasy authors, you will enjoy this series!

The last book I bought was Sister of the Dead by Barb and J.C. Hendee. This is the third in a fantasy series about a female vampire hunter. The first in the series is Dhampir . This is more of a straight fantasy series as the romance does not come until the second book and is rarely mentioned.

And I’ve just noticed that all three of the books I picked up are part of series. I’ve been saying I’m a series slut! Although, my current read, Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu isn’t part of a series. Yet.

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