Okay, since I gave Sybil and Nicole such a hard time about their Shocking Confession of not having read certain authors which has lead to some interesting blogs across blog-land the past few days, I am going to make my own confessions, along the line of what Tara Marie did on her blog on Monday.

1. I still enjoy reading authors who now cause some romance readers to turn up their noses. Like Johanna Lindsey, Linda Howard, and Catherine Coulter. I freely admit to starting out reading Danielle Steele but her books always made me crazy because you never knew exactly where they were going and if you were going to get a happy ending. I think it must have been her books that caused me to start…

2. …reading the endings first. Yep, I will, without shame or remorse, read the ending of the book if I’m not assured of the ending I want (such as the heroine ending up with the correct-in my mind-man). I also do this if I’m frustrated with some Big Misunderstanding (which I hate) and want to know if it’s going to pretty much propel the entire book. So I read the end occasionally.

3. I don’t always care about historical accuracy or good world building or whether the story makes perfect sense. Sometimes I just like a book because it’s entertaining and is different. Like Dara Joy- I like her books alot and will re-read them over and over again. I’m not convinced she has great business sense, but I like her books. And yes, I will buy the independently published ones she puts out.

4. I read erotic romance and I enjoy it- for a variety of reasons including the sex. And certainly it’s spiced up my sex life. And tuahgt me things I never knew were possible *g*

5. I love the uber-alpha heros. I don’t care if I ever read about a Beta hero. Give me the tall, dark, domineering hero who smolders with brooding sensuality and becomes a reformed rake after groveling for the heroines love and forgiveness. I eat that shit up.

6. I read romance novels out loud to my daughter. They’re much more entertaining than Goodnight Moon. I don’t read the sex out loud though. I think there’s a bit of prude left in me there and a desire to not corrupt her innocence too much!

So there you have it, my trip to the Confessional. Think I’m going down in flames?

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