I’ve been browsing my ebook files and looking at what I have, what I’ve read, and what I plan on reading. And I have a few ebooks that I know I will probably never get to reading. Kind of like some of the books on my bookshelves. But with those, I know it’s no big deal- I can send them to a friend, donate them to the library, sell them at a yard sale, or give them to Goodwill (I’d have included the UBS option in there but none of the UBS in my area carry romance dammit). But what do I do with an ebook I don’t have any intention of reading?

Very few of the ebooks I’m referring to are ones I’ve purchased. They’re books I’ve won in various contests. I’m wondering, since the intention of the giveaway was to potentially hook a new reader, and I’m not looking to be that reader, could I pass it on to someone who might appreciate it more than me? My intention would be to give it away and delete it from my computer. I feel like this should be okay, since I know I’m an honest person, but I can hear ebook authors screaming their protests already.

I’m completely against the resale of ebooks in any way, shape, or form but I’m not talking about making a profit. I’m talking about giving away something that I myself got for free. I’d really like to do this. I have a few friends who have limited budgets and might appreciate new reading material. And who are loyal readers if hooked into an author. And it seems a shame that the books not get used for their intended purpose.

Are there any readers or authors out there who care to give me their opinion?

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