I have said before that I’m not a huge fan of chick lit, but I read this book for a contest and found myself enjoying it so much that I blogged about it.

Written entirely in the form of emails and IMs (instant messages), the book didn’t immediately grab my attention. When I started it last night I thought, “oh man, this sucks, I can’t read an entire book written like this.” But, since I had no choice but to read the whole book, I continued on to page three (yes, sometimes I make snap judgements LOL!). And am I ever glad that I had to keep reading.

This is not your “usual” chick lit book. Well, not usual of the type that Candy wrote about a few weeks ago on Smart Bitches. There’s no talk of shoes, or money, or weight loss or gain. Instead, this is a smart, funny, touching story of friendship and marriage and love and loss. It’s grounded in reality and makes the reader aware that, yes, this could be them or someone they know exchanging these emails and IMs. The story focuses mainly on the friendship between Amber (single and still in love with her high school crush) and Stevie (former career woman turned stay-at-hom mom who’s experiencing trouble in her marriage and has thoughts of cheating)but we get insight into the people surrounding them through email exchanges between a cast of interesting and realistic characters.

So, if you’re looking for a book that flows well, albeit in a different manner, grabs your attention and tugs at the emotions because you can imagine that just MIGHT be you, than I highly recommend Hit Reply by Rocki St. Claire (and for those who love instant gratification, I noticed it’s available as a digital download.

And in case you’re interested, Rocki St. Claire also writes romantic suspense as Roxanne St. Claire which I didn’t know until I read the short author interview at the end of the book. I’ve only read one book by her as Roxanne St.Claire, French Twist and remember enjoying.

Grade: A (normally an A would be a keeper for me, but I’m passing this book on to Candy if she wants it)

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