It’s official. I’m a blogging addict. It’s been hard for me to spend more than 5 minutes at a time at the computer since I sent my laptop away (sniff, sniff). It’s been great on my reading because I can lay on the living room floor with the baby and read. But I miss blogging. How much do I miss blogging? I’ve actually HAND-WRITTEN three blog entries. So, while you all think I haven’t had a new blog entry since Friday, I have in fact, had three 😉 Okay, so you can’t see them and it probably is more like journaling than blogging, but I got the ideas down and will be typing them in. Just as soon as I have time. Sometime after Brianna turns 18, I expect.

So, yeah, I’ve been reading and it’s a good thing, working on my TBR pile, because half of my book order came in today along with two books I won on ebay. Add to that the hook-up I’m getting on the book swap group that Sybil and KristieJ started and I desperately needed to read some of those TBR books. And I even plan to blog about them. Soon…err…really soon.

Oh- and to the person who gave me a chuckle by finding my blog by searching “mommy sexy bottoms”, thanks and I’ll bet my blog is sooo not what you were looking for. I will tell you though- I am a mommy, my husband thinks I’m sexy- and that my bottom is sexy, thank goodness.

And to the people who keep googling my username (angieW)- I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- you’re not going to find anything shocking. But if you do, let me know, maybe I could write a book about it.

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