I haven’t abandoned my blog, I just have no internet yet. Right now I’m pirating a very weak signal from someone in the neighborhood’s unprotected wireless network. Tsk tsk- you should always password protect your network. I can’t get it often- just when it’s dark and cloudy LOL.

We are moved into the new house. Not unpacked, just moved. There seems to be an endless amount of boxes and things to fix-up and repair around the house. Complete one job and three more come to light.

Brianna is doing wonderfully and loves the new house. We’ve converted the sunroom into a playroom for her so she has one baby-safe place to play. And she is now the proud owner of 5 teeth with a sixth on the way.

Internet hook-up on Friday barring anymore unforseen complications (the last was due to the sheer laziness and stupidity of my ex-husband- long story told later!)

I miss my blog- I miss the world of blogging. I’ve gotten some reading done that I’ll share when I’m back for good. Cheers!

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