Finally, after what seemed like a massive conspiracy by the cable company and my ex-husband to keep me in the dark ages and away from the world, we have internet and basic cable.

15 phone calls to the cable company(no really), 1 visit to the office, 2 different cable men spending a total of 6 hours at my house, and one angry phone call to my ex.

Total time invested? Approximately 10 hours.

Finally having internet- Priceless.

The sad thing is that they still didn’t get things quite right- they forgot to bring us the digital boxes and DVR box. So we either have to make one more trip to the office or schedule another visit from another cable guy. Like Josh said, by the time this is over, we’ll have spoken with half the local cable employees. But I don’t care because finally, I am connected!!

So… despite the business of moving and doing 1001 things around the house, I did manage to get some reading done these past few weeks. I will write a seperate blog entry about what I read but I will say that I read my first Laura Kinsale book. But I’m not going to tell you if I liked it or not. Going to have to wait for that entry. Tee hee.

The house isn’t unpacked yet. Every room still has boxes in it but it is at least moderately livable. I can’t believe how much crap we have. The basement is full. The garage is full. The closets and drawers are quickly filling… where did we have all this stuff? We have already marked a ton of things for a yard sale at the end of the summer. Josh and I are both packrats and have made a pact to get rid of things we haven’t looked at or used in over a year unless it has extreme sentimental value. yeah right. We’ll see how that works out!

I’m posting two pictures of Brianna that I took in one of my favorite outfits for her. The pics are actually a couple of weeks old but I’ve been wanting to share them. We did take 4th of July pictures yesterday at my in-laws and I’ll share those as soon as I get them on the computer.

It’s so good to be back!

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