Here I’ve been missing my blog for weeks when I had no internet, it’s my second day back, and I have blog-block. I blame it on the cable company. I think they sucked the life out of me with all the energy I had to put in to getting my internet and cable right. For someone who doesn’t watch much tv, I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with them, waiting for a technician to show up at the house, and watching the technician(s) run around as though they’d never seen a cable box before.

Today was the last day(I hope) of our adventures in getting cable. I had to wait for the third technician to arrive and bring my cable boxes, which the first technician took with him because all the ones he had didn’t work and besides, he had no f**king clue how to hook up cable anyhow (you think I exaggerate but I’m really not. I’m probably being kind) and the second technician didn’t bring because they forgot to put it on the work order. So, I called the cable company, who wanted me to just come in and get the boxes. Ummm…no. How do they expect me to carry out several cable boxes AND an 8 month old squirmy child. Plus, I wanted to make sure they were all going to work. So, I pretty much demanded they send a tech out and NO I wasn’t going to wait until next Saturday. I wasn’t waiting past today. Having three technicians come to work on your service is just beyond ridiculous. They reluctantly agreed and gave me a specific time that the cable guy would arrive at my house today. Sometime between 8 and 5. *snort* It was predicted that he would show up at 4:58. He actually showed up at 2:30. The babies afternoon naptime (of course). And what should have been a simple install of two cable boxes turned into an hour long visit since one of them, of course, didn’t work right. Again, of course.

Finally, we had cable. I thought I was done talking to them. HA! No premium channels. So I made Josh call them when he got home tonight. 30 minutes later, we have movie channels. He hangs up the phone and says “and finally our long journey of dealing with the cable company is over. Until the bill comes and it’s wrong” Dumbass. Doesn’t he know saying things like that jinxes yourself? He wanders into the living room to turn on the tv and… ha ha ha… the box doesn’t work. They deleted it from the account when they were trying to get the movie channels on there. But, now, it seems, that our account is temporarily correct. I’m going to count how many phone calls we have actually made to the cable company to get internet and cable set up. It’s at least 15. It’s probably more. Add in the visit to the cable office and the visit from three technicians and I’m wondering if anyone who has to go to this much trouble to get things running shouldn’t maybe take it as a sign to forget about it.

So yeah, I have blog-blcck. I have tons of books to blog about but I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired to blog about any of them today. Don’t blame it on me. Blame it on the cable company.

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