Must have been tagged by the cable company. There’s some grand conspiracy to keep me off the internet apparently. My brand new laptop which I JUST sent in for repair is not working 🙁 So I have to send it in, AGAIN! *sigh*

And in case you’re all wondering why I haven’t blogged in the past few days, actually, I have. Just not here 😉 I’ve started a new blog, The B.O.M.B, with a few of the moms from the October board. It’s mostly parenting stuff right now, but is intended to be a mish-mash of everything because the board has rules and there are subjects we can’t talk about and links we can’t post. We’ll see how it works out.

And I still have to blog about the remainder of that list I posted, of the books I read while I was offline. I only got to blog about the ones I didn’t care for and that’s no fun.

Still reading: In My Dreams by Monica Jackson because I’ve had a grand total of about 15 minutes of reading time in the past two days. Been unpacking and FINALLY the house is starting to look like a house.

And KarenS, damn you, as if I’m not scared enough of Monica as it is, now you tell me you’re thinking of buying the book and want to know what I think of it? I’m frigging shaking in my shoes here because I don’t want that kind of pressure 😉 I’m tempted to just never say when I finish. Actually, I’ll give a shout on here when I’m done and tell you how I felt about it, since you asked.

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