Oh the pressure. It’s tremendous. KarenS said she’d been thinking about ordering In My Dreams by Monica Jackson from Amazon and wanted to know what I thought of it when I finished reading. I am deathly afraid of Monica and so, want to say only glowing, nice, wonderful things about her books. However, I also have a lot of respect for Monica, so I’m going to choose the path of honesty.

In My Dreams is the story of Bless and Rick, their fight against evil and breaking the chains of destiny. Every generation in Bless’s family, three sisters are born. One with power, one to breed, and one who seems to have nothing at all. Bless, Ginger, and Maris. Three seemingly different lifepaths that converge into a journey of good versus evil.

This book is marked as a contemporary romance but reads every bit as a paranormal with Bless and Rick battling evil and demons with the help of good and angels. Bless is a wonderfully believable and real heroine, full-figured and not amazingly beautiful, grounded in reality, with the self-doubts and flaws found in each of us.

I didn’t find Rick to be quite as believable and likeable as Bless- and perhaps he wasn’t supposed to be as likeable. But in many ways, he is realistic- also portraying his own issues, self-weaknesses, and flaws. My biggest issue with Rick came near the beginning of the book, when we are first introduced to him. He is a police detective and his brother is missing. As he is thinking about his brother, the term “deep doo-doo” is used. Now, coming from a law enforcement family, I think I can say with some confidence, that none of them have ever used “deep do-do” in place of crap, shit, etc. That one turn of phrase made it really difficult to believe in the character of Rick.

The book started out somewhat stilted and awkward for me. It just didn’t…flow. It didn’t suck me in and grab me immediately. I felt like the sentences, and paragraphs, were choppy and there was some jumping from scene to scene. The beginning of the book holds a lot of exposition to provide the reader with Bless’s background as well as Rick’s. While this is important to the understanding of everyone’s motivation, I also found myself somewhat impatient for the action to begin- but that is partly my own fault as a reader.

Monica provides an interesting view into the world of demons, angels, good, and evil. There are times when the characters do something that is not in line with the idea of them that has been built for us. One example would be Rick’s use of “deep doo-doo.” At another point in the book, Bless runs out of the house in the middle of the night due to an emergency with her sister. She tells Rick to watch the baby but when she gets to the car, he is waiting for her. Now, there is an aunt who lives with them who can watch the baby, but being a new mom, I’m found thinking “how is she going to know they’re gone and that she needs to get the baby if she cries? Will she even be listening for the baby?” Of course, this again is something that is my own personal foible because of the amount of my time that is consumed thinking about babies 😉 but considering that this particular baby is supposed to be integral to the future battle against evil, it seemed unlikely that they would run off and leave her so precipitously.

I didn’t dislike this book and especially enjoyed Bless’ character, but I thought it was somewhat flawed and after reading The Look of Love, don’t believe it is probably one of Monica’s best works. If you are a fan of paranormals, you might consider giving this book a try.

My grade: C+

And Monica, as I cruise Amazon, I notice that your more paranormal books have covers that are quite contemporary. Did you choose it this way or is this a publisher thing?

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