I was sharing some of the phrases that have brought people to my blog with the Breakfast Bitches this morning and Shannon said I should blog them. I’m afraid to. Some of them are just wrong. But, in the interest of actually having a blog post, here we go, a list of some of the phrases that brings people to my blog from the past couple months:

mommy’s sexy pajamas – yeah, shorts and a tank-top. I hear Victoria’s Secret wants MY secret

nipples “bombs of blood” – uh… huh? Move along.

Monica Jackson nipples – you’re going to have to go ask Monica if she’s willing to share.

The suffocation of Sarah – I guess some people might want to do those Smart Bitches in some days

brianna’s sexy pics – ew. double ew. She’s just a baby you pervert!

humerous sexy images – like I’d open myself up to humiliation like that!

moms love confession – okay, well, there was this one time, at band camp…

babytalk cover contest – clearly my daughter would have won had I actually entered her 😉

mommy makes me shout – no comment

erotic fantasies: breastfeeding my husband without being pregnant – whatever floats your boat honey. But that is as far from MY erotic fantasy as you can possibly get since my nipples are OFF LIMITS!

sexy mom sucking – I do love me a good popsicle

absolutly free how to cornrow book – and man, I’ll bet you were pissed to end up here!

bitches getting tagged – anyone else sense the respect for women this guy has?

starting solids pooping – yes, those ARE some nasty diapers, aren’t they? And yes, they do poop less frequently if that’s what you were wondering. Glad to help 🙂

FRUSTRATED SINGLE MOMS.COM – the use of all caps would indicate a high level of frustration. Bet landing here didn’t help.

baby gagging herself – yeah, what’s that all about? Brianna likes to do this too.

nice mommy giving head to 5 men – any mommy giving head to 5 men can probably not be classified as nice. That is what we call an oxymoron. But what I want to know is why you came back?

Those were some of the more interesting phrases. I also got:

a variety of variations of Brianna – *waving to my MIL*

AngieW/Brianna’s mommy in various forms – hope you found all sorts of good dirt on me while you were looking.

someone entered almost the entire Heart song into google (I refuse to re-enter the whole thing here) – really, just a few key words is enough. what were you looking for if you knew all the lyrics?

And I got hits on a multitude of authors and books that I’ve reviewed. Which just goes to show that someone out there might read my opinion and it might make a difference. But probably not! Although I did notice that Elizabeth Vaughan came back to her own Warprize review several times. I guess she liked it 🙂

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