One of the comments I made on my own Romancing the Blog post, I stated that I don’t buy all of my books new because I can’t afford it. While this still holds true, I thought it was interesting when I looked at the list of books I blogged about below and realized that of the nine, seven were books I bought new. In other words, I do a damn good job of supporting authors. Although recently, I’ve gotten a lot of my books through swapping, now that the lovely mortgage payment has kicked in, I still buy books new when I can.

I remember blogging about this before but I hate being made to feel guilty about getting books used, at the library, or in trade from others. If I like a book, I will recommend it probably a minimum of five times. Sometimes more. I’m sure I’ve mentioned Elizabeth Vaughan’s Warprize at least a dozen times since I read it. I can probably track down at least 4 references to it on my blog alone. So I’m certainly doing my part in word of mouth (I did buy this book new however but you see where I’m going with this?)

When someone, as at least one commenter at RTB did, tells me that it is unethical or stealing money from the author to buy a book used, it makes me see red just a bit. I’m someone who spends enough money on books- new and used- every year that I could probably buy a lovely, several carat, diamond bracelet with the yearly amount spent. And it wouldn’t lose its value. But that’s not where my passion lies, books are. If authors insist that I only buy their books used, well, that’s less books I can actually buy or trade or read. And that is less word of mouth for an author. I’m sure I’m not the only reader who feels this way and I’ll bet they can say it more eloquently and clearly than I am, but dang, I’m annoyed and needed to rant a bit.

Note to authors: Let me know if you don’t like readers buying your books used or trading them with others and I won’t. But I won’t buy them new either.

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