I went to search for a Top 40 chart just a bit ago, I was wondering what music is current right now. So, I plugged “Top 40” into A9.com. Imagine my surprise when the top return wasn’t for a top 40 music chart. Nope, it was for a chart listing the Top 40 blog topics that are hot right now. Just another indication that blogging is taking over the world 😉 **for those who are wondering, it is also the top search result in Google as well.

On another note, I have exciting news to share but I’m not quite ready to make it totally public yet. (and no, I’m NOT pregnant again, bite your tongue). I have to work out a few more details and then I’ll be able to spill all the info.

And in further news, I’ve been asked to be a regular columnist at Romancing The Blog. Clearly, they recognize brilliance when they see it *smirk* And really, I need one more blog to post on, no?

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