Brianna Walking 8-25-2005

She just took her first steps about a week ago and she’s doing more and more walking across the room. I can’t believe my baby is growing into a toddler so quickly!

And because I know you all can’t get enough baby video, here are some other clips from the past few days:

Walking on her knees, notice when the video starts out, she does a tripod standing on her head? I don’t know why but she does this quite often. It’s cute but a little strange.

Knee walkingi 8-22-2005

Next up is her coming from across the room to say hi to me. She loves the camera!

saying hi 8-22-2005

Brianna has a complete fascination with the children’s group Hi-5 (they’re created from the Australian version)They’re good for 20 minutes of entertainment if I need to get something done. Watch how she reacts when the music comes on. And then tell me if I should be worried about her total concentration on this show?

Hi 5 fascination 8-22-2005

This last one is a video from May, of Brianna crawling with my dad. I’m posting it so you can see the amazing difference in her development over the summer. On May 13th, when this was taken, she was only commando crawling and three days later, she went from laying down to sitting up all on her own. And now, she’s walking! But even the physical appearance details are striking.

Crawling with Grandpai 5-13-2005

You’ll have to excuse my mommy moment in sharing these but she’s just too darn cute to keep to myself!

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