If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know that I hadn’t intended to read these books right now, although they were on my TBR pile, but a series of coincidences convinced me that I was supposed to. And boy am I glad. Stephanie Feagan penned two Bombshells that feature a fun, unintentionally kick-ass and slightly quirky heroine, Whitney “Pink” Pearl.

In the first book, Show Her the Money, we are introduced to Pink, a CPA who has blown the whistle on her former employer. Unfortunately for Pink, all but one copy of her evidence against the company has been destroyed. The last copy? Sold by her aunt during a garage sale- in a box with Mr. Bob. Wondering about Mr. Bob? You’ll have to read the book! I don’t want to share too many spoilers. While Pink is waiting to get the evidence back, she goes to work for her mom- a fate not quite worse than death but running a close second.

Here’s the blurb:

CPA-with-an-attitude Whitney “Pink” Pearl has just blown the whistle on the accounting scam of the decade. And in true scapegoat fashion, she’s lost her job and reputation and has moved back home to start again at the bottom of the pile, working as a forensic accountant for (gasp!) her mother. There’s no money trail too cold for Pink to follow. But trouble sure follows her — because Pink’s not taking back her accusations, no matter how many death threats, abduction attempts and steamy kisses from lawyers of questionable ethics she receives.…

Think accounting can’t be hot? Then you haven’t met Pink…

This book has a bit of everything, great heroine, a fun plot and mystery, enjoyable secondary characters and several hunky, intelligent, and intriguing love interests for Pink. Yep, Pink has the Stephanie Plum Syndrome– more than one man to choose from 😉

The second book, She’s on the Money, picks up several weeks after the first ends, with Pink still working as a forensic accountant in her mom’s business.

She’s Whitney “Pink” Pearl, the world’s most fearless…accountant?

Her boss gave her the ultimatum — bring in more clients or else. So when the town’s stingiest man asks Pink to investigate his mysteriously dwindling oil assets, Pink takes the case. Bad career move.

Suddenly strangers are asking for her help on “matters of national security” — then dying at her feet. A little dog — which may belong to an infamous assassin — keeps following her around. Add to that two amazing men vying for her attention and a case that’s pointing to terrorist activity, and Pink’s time sheet is full of things that won’t get her promoted, and just might get her dead.…

I enjoyed the second book almost as much but slightly less than the first- not significantly less but there were a few things that made me pause and go hmmm… the first had to do with Spiderman, which is all I’ll say so as not to give spoilers! Book two finds Pink still having the problem of too many men. Oh that we could all have that problem at some point in our lives! Another entertaining caper, with a bit of a twist at the end, I still found myself captivated with Pink as a heroine, despite the things that made me go hmm, lol.

I recommend these books to fans of Janet Evanovich, Sarah Stroymeyer and Nancy Bartholomew’s “Strip” series (we won’t talk about her less than fabulous Bombshells). In other words, fans of caper mysteries with fun heroines and hunky heroes should read these books! An excellent pick for laying on the beach or soaking in the tub.

I looked to see when we could anticipate the next book in Pink’s story but didn’t readily find any information. I did find Ms. Feagan’s blog, however, and did discover that Pink goes to China in the next book. Sounds intriguing! Maybe Ms. Feagan will stop back here and let us know when the next book is due out because I look forward, very much, to reading the next installment and discussing it here!

As an aside, I want to say that I visited Ms. Feagan’s website after she visited my blog and I found that she is the member of an interesting group of writers, The Wet Noodle Posse. They describe themselves:

In 2003, a group of about sixty women met each other online for the first time. They were finalists for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart award – the top measure of achievement for unpublished writers in the industry. Like finalists before them, they formed an internet loop to discuss the upcoming awards ceremony at the national convention, held that year in New York.

Most of these online loops dissolve shortly after the convention, but something happened on the way to the Big Apple. This particular group found they had a level of camaraderie unknown to them before. Instead of breaking up after some finalists won their category and some lost, they stayed together – through births and deaths, the inevitable agent and editor rejections, and giddy-making first sales. At some point, one of them expressed doubt about her worth and talent, and another one threatened to cover the miles between them, picking up other members along the way, to thrash her with a wet noodle until she remembered that she was a good writer with good friends.

That’s how the Wet Noodle Posse was born, and this e-zine is its public face. Our goal is to take the support and silliness we get from each other and share it with a larger audience of women. All the things we take comfort from are here: food, crafts, books, good advice, and lots of humor.

They have a neat website with recipes and stories and things to make, along with links and information about each of the members. It’s quite a fascinating thing, that they maintained their friendship for so long. I hope you’ll venture over and check out their website!

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