Another Bombshell off my TBR pile and this one was fabulous! Maggie Price has written an intriguing story with two suspense threads going at once in her book, Trigger Effect. Additionally, her heroine, Paige Carmichael has a unique job that I’ve never seen a romance heroine have before…she is a former cop who is now a Forensic Statement Analyst. Just like it sounds, she analyzes statements- both written and verbal- and finds clues and deductions to aid in investigations and interrogations. The whole process was fascinating and I wanted to run out and sign up for a workshop because I could immediately see how useful it would be if I ever go back to working in the psychiatric and addiction field (where pretty much 75% of what you hear is lies and bullshit). She does an excellent job of making the field sound interesting and giving enough information to the reader in a way that was compelling and not textbook or boring.

A joke. That’s what most cops think of me, an expert in Forensic Statement Analysis. I catch criminals by what they say — and, more important, what they don’t. The science of language and double meanings fascinates me, and if that makes me a nerd at the police department, I can live with it. Even suffer the contempt of hot homicide cop Nate McCall. But an odd statement from one of Oklahoma City’s finest has triggered my suspicion — his words ring of murder. And proving it could silence me forever.…

LINE OF DUTY: Where peril and passion collide.

I have to admit that the cover blurb did mislead me a bit. I thought the book would be written in first person but it’s not. It’s third person, which is just as fine with me but I thought it was odd how the cover blurb was written.

Anyhow, the romance aspect is believable and doesn’t take the front seat but is somewhat secondary to the suspense, mystery of the book, as is the case in most Bombshells. But all parts fit together very smoothly to form a cohesive, enjoyable, unique story that I was sorry to see end!

I highly recommend this book and hope to see more of Paige and Nate because not only did I like these characters but I am absolutely fascinated with the idea of Forensic Statement Analysis.

I did search out Maggie Price’s website and found out that there are books about Nate’s sisters and brothers (five total I believe) offered in a different Silhouette line. They don’t appear to be available from HQN any longer but might be at Amazon, I didn’t look. I will say this, Maggie Price’s website needs to be updated. And changed. It gave me a huge headache to look at it and that’s too bad because I would have liked to find out more about those previous books. But her website is difficult to read, small and has too many moving things on it. Bummer.

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