I’ve had plenty of time in the past few days to read but I haven’t taken advantage of that. Nooo instead, I’ve done what with my time? I’m not sure. I did do some research on meals and foods that are safe for Brianna in light of her dairy allergy. I feel as though I give her the same thing over and over again (although she does get a wide variety of fresh fruit). But really, the things that have dairy in them are sneaky. Like chicken nuggets. The breading, I guess. And she doesn’t react violently to trace amounts of dairy. Instead, she starts clawing endlessly at the nape of her neck, just under her hair. This is my signal that I’ve been a Bad Mommy and somehow given her dairy. For instance, up until two weeks ago, it never occurred to me that I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter has DAIRY in it. Why didn’t this occur to me? Because I’m clearly dumb as mud. And a Bad Mommy. But I have been researching dairy safe foods and recipes so I can introduce more variety to this child. So she doesn’t grow up hating egg yolks and turkey due to over-exposure.

Other than that, I think I’ve killed a lot of time surfing blogs, websites, and chatting on IM. I had four screens open this morning. One screen was a conference so it had five people in it. And in my defense, I didn’t IM the other people, they tagged me. But I liked it, it makes me feel special and popular 😉

So, I’m determined to get some reading done this weekend. Not that my weekend is going to be dramatically different than my week. Josh is working Saturday and gone racing Sunday. And I? I will be at home… you can probably find me on IM aka my lifeline to the outside world.

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