The Midas Trap by Sharon McClellan is another Bombshell (yes, I like these books. The only categories I read) and was a fun, easy read. It’s not great literature by any means and it was probably one of the most action packed books I’ve read in a while (which is saying a lot in light of the fact that I’ve been reading a lot of Bombshells). The best way to describe this book is to tell you the thought that kept running through my head as I read it “This would make a really fabulous action film like Tomb Raider was.” I know I’ve compared at least two Bombshell’s to Tomb Raider (Evelyn Vaughn’s books) already but I suspect the comparison arises for two reasons 1) it is one of few movies with a believable kick-ass heroine and a fun plot (I liked it anyhow) and 2) Tomb Raider is about a female Indiana Jones type character and these books also hold that distinction.

Archaeologist Veronica Bright believed some myths were real, from the Ark of the Covenant to Pandora’s Box. Her theories made her the laughingstock of the scientific community, so when she got a lead on the legendary Midas Stone, nothing could stop her — not even having to team up with the arrogant Dr. Simon Owens, the very man who’d helped destroy her career.

But they weren’t the only ones after the stone. The legend ignited a cutthroat race that would take them from the catacombs of the Vatican to the temples of Greece. Now Veronica’s greatest adventure could be her downfall — for the very thing that could redeem her could also destroy her.…

Midas Trap is heavy on the action and light on character development. You won’t get any deep glimpses into the character’s psyche here. But it works for this book, because it holds no pretenses and isn’t pretending to be anything but a fun, kickass action adventure with some romance thrown in as an added bonus. And that’s why it would work as a great movie- no long inner thought monologues. Much of what happens is on the surface.

Recommended for those looking for an engaging, short action read that will take your mind off things for a few hours.

And it looks as though the sequel to this, Emergence, will be released in 2006. Good deal. I like sequels 😉

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