Do you ever have this feeling? Like you’ve expended so much energy on stressing about certain things going on around you, that you’re just flat? Nothing left to give?

That’s me today. I’ve been running around (literally and figuratively) checking items off my to-do list, putting out fires, and stressing about things that have hurt me or bothered me, that I really have no control over.

I know I need to work on streamlining my time- online and off- so I can feel as though I’m being more productive. I’ve actually gotten things accomplished but I know I can do more. And I need to learn to let go of the things I can’t control and can’t change. That might be harder than anything else. Part of this is stress about Get it Write, and that’s probably not going to go away, so I need to learn to adapt and channel it positively.

Add in to all of this the feeling that I’m somehow being a Bad Mommy because I’m trying to juggle working at home and entertaining Brianna and feel like I’m not doing enough for her. No one ever warned me that Mommy Guilt (that should be a DSM-IV diagnosis) could be so prevelant and overwhelming!

Basically, I’m in a funk, having a bit of a pity party, and am thoroughly disgusted with myself.

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