well…maybe not 😉 But how about 15 blogs in 15 days instead? I was reading on some blog a few weeks ago about someone who did the 30 blogs in 30 days challenge on her blog. Visiting a new to her blog every day. I was at the Dashboard of this blog a few minutes ago, thinking that I ought to make a post, but not sure about what. I have a few books to review but I’m not really in the mood to think them out. So anyhow, I’m at the Dashboard and I notice the list of most recently updated blogs that they have there. And I clicked on a random one. And thus, my pledge to review 15 blogs in 15 days is born. I’d like to go for 30 but that seems like a huge commitment and I’ve already made enough of those lately!

Here’s the first random blog: Our blog you guys

The interesting thing about this blog? It’s brand new. Like two days old brand new. But there are the most gorgeous wedding pictures on that blog. You have to go look at them. Scroll down and look at the one of the bride with the rose in front of her face. She’s beautiful and has this look in her eyes that is so mischevious and full of joy but at the same time like she’s got this amazing secret. It’s pretty awesome. And I love the candid pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and I don’t even know those people. But I was happy for them and how happy they looked.

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