But you’ve heard it’s all about the sex? Let me be perfectly honest for a moment. Some of it is. I’ve read a few books recently that provide the naysayers with the impetus for their scorn. Some of the worst purple prose, poor editing, inane plots, and sex, sex, sex. Blech. Maybe one of them was in the group–oh sorry– was the ONE book Elizabeth Beverly read before declaring all erotic romance porn *snark* But I digress. They’re not all like that, honest, and there are some that provide a wonderful emotional punch. I’ve written in the past about my love of Elizabeth’s Wolf by Lora Leigh. Now, I want to mention two more.

I swore when I started this blog that I wouldn’t review friends’ books. I figured that my credibility would be trashed if I gushed endlessly about every book they wrote and I’d always intended this to be a place for honesty. But at the same time, I think it would’ve been in poor taste to publically give their books a bad review. So it seemed easier to make the decision to just steer clear of that path altogether. There are plenty of other books out there to write about! But I’m breaking my rule (I can do that, it’s my blog) and recommending that everyone read Dream On by Jaci Burton and Hot Rod Heaven by Melani Blazer because I just enjoyed both these books that much.

Hot Rod Heaven by Melani Blazer:

He’s back.

Two years ago, Brehann Williams’ fiancé died in a fiery crash and his best friend, Sebastian Bernecchi, disappeared. In one horrible evening she’d lost two men she loved, and she blamed herself for what happened. But now Sebastian—Bash—is back in town, claiming he wants to take up where they left off.

She can’t ignore the chemistry that still exists between them—just being near Bash makes her think of heart-pounding, mouth-watering sex. And she knows he’ll fulfill every one of her fantasies. After all, once—years ago—they’d been lovers.

Acting on their feelings for one another had been wrong before, but there was nothing to deny them their passion this time.

Nothing except the sinister black Corvette that lurks in the shadows and the danger that swirls around them.

Dream On by Jaci Burton:

Since her husband Jack left her five years ago, Kate has done nothing but dwell on the anger and feelings of betrayal, vowing to forget their twenty-year marriage and move on. But she can’t. She dreams about him every night. Dreams of his smile, his touch, the way he used to look at her and the way he made love to her. Her body responds as if he’s really there, but in the harsh light of morning she knows that she’s living in the past and needs to let go.

When Jack suddenly returns without explanation of where he’s been or why he left, Kate fights the attraction that still smolders between them. Determined to win her back, Jack reminds her of the passion they shared, when every touch, every look, every word sent her soaring into heights of ecstasy. It’s like a dream she can’t wake up from, a trip to the past when life with Jack was wonderful. But the past is over and Kate is determined not to live in dreams any longer, even if that means she has to face reality and live without the man she’s loved all her life.

Excerpts available for both books in the links provided above. Both are rated S for Sensuous so if you’re new to erotic romance and afraid you’ll be shocked, these stories are still hot but have no hidden kink 😉

Now, reading those blurbs, I’m left with the feeling that I need to tell you more about them to make you understand what makes them punch. But I can’t because each book contains surprises that make it powerful, emotional, draining, and uplifting. Mel and Jaci have written books that readers can fall into and walk away in love with the characters and their story. Each, in her own unique voice, has told a story that you can believe in, created characters that you will hurt for and cheer for, and imagined a love that knows no boundaries. Did I say I recommend these books? I do!

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