Conversation at my house:

Me (talking to baby): “Don’t you get tired of hanging on me? Look! Your daddy is sitting right there. I’ll bet he wants to see you. You’d think you’d get tired of seeing me all week”

Baby: *hanging from my leg as I lay on the couch* (literally hanging, her legs were bent at the knee,feet crossed, as she dangled in the air)

Josh: “Brianna…” *holds up random toy*

Baby: *turning to look, gives disdainful glance (her daddy would have had more luck had he offered her my cell phone, car keys, or the tv remote), turns back to me and promptly bumps her head on corner of tv table. Totally unbothered. Commences hanging from my leg again*

Josh: “Ouch!”

Me: “You have no idea how many times a day she does that, she’s going to be brain damaged.”

Baby: *blows raspberries on my leg*

Josh: *laughing* “She might already be.”

Baby: *blows more rapberries on my leg*

Me: *giggling* “ummm…maybe”

Josh: “With parents as warped as us, she’s doomed.”

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