Did I ever mention that I’m bad at math? So expecting me to keep track of how many blogs I’ve done is insane. I’m not to 15 yet, that’s all I know!

Before I highlight my blog of the day, may I just say that the ‘Next Blog’ function has its…drawbacks? And I see why Blogger has added the “flag” function. Aside from the blog that I featured a few days ago with the rather frightening video, I’ve run into two blogs that have truly objectionable content. For God’s sake, young teenagers could come upon these blogs just by hitting the “next blog” button. It’s rather disconcerting! The first was a woman who apparantly likes her…uh…dumb sticks of the colored variety. And she posted “enticing” *cough* pictures of herself. And mentioned that she wanted to be some black guy’s b***h. In fact, she mentioned it repeatedly. Along with the pictures. Ew. The second, I clicked to the blog and BAM! There, staring me in the face was…dang…uh…some ladies private parts, to put it delicately. And she was, um, fondling them. Now, y’all know I’m no prude but DUDES I don’t want to have that winking at me when I’m innocently trying to read some blogs. Geez, I don’t want to look at my own that close up, why would I want to look at someone else’s? So, yeah, I flagged them both and scooted along. Now, just imagine if I was at a place of business and meandering through the blogosphere…scary!

On to my blog of the day.


I don’t know this gentleman but I started reading his posts and he has a very interesting and catchy way of blogging. He’s writing about his everyday life, but he’s got a humerous and intelligent style that draws you in and tells a story. I added him to my favorites folder. Go check it out! (I promos, there will be no coooters there winking out at you. Just good posts)

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