I get an amazing amount of author promo in one of my email accounts (set aside specifically for this reason). Sometimes I get overwhelmed by it all and do a mass delete. Today, my eye was caught by a promo from Jayne Ann Krentz announcing the release of Bridal Jitters. It’s not a new book, but was previously in an anthology with others. (if anyone cares, similar books were released today by J.D. Robb, Christine Feehan, and Sherrilyn Kenyon, I believe). So, I’m reading the email, trying to recall if I ever read Bridal Jitters (I still am not sure, I can’t see how I possibly missed it since I’m both a fan of her work and a paranormal romance slut)

Now, I’m not one for being a fangirl, but if ever there was an author who, going by sheer number of books on my bookshelf alone, I should be squeeing for, it’s probably Jayne Ann Krentz aka Stephanie James aka Jayne Castle aka Amanda Quick (whew, are you tired yet?). I don’t own all of her books since I know I don’t have some of the older categories, but by golly, I’ll bet I come close.

You can imagine how my interest was piqued when I read that Jayne Ann Krentz has started a blog. Although I do enjoy some author blogs, I find myself reading more blogs of aspiring authors, fellow romance readers and my fellow mommies. But I’m enough of a fan that I’ll be looking forward to seeing how JAK develops her blog ‘voice’. It’s a brand new blog, only a few posts (I’ve been finding a lot of those lately, haven’t I?) so she’s still got time to find her style! Check it out:

Krentz Quick & Castle Blog

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